Video Clip – How To Find Fans Using Twitter Search

Here is a short video clip taken from the full 84 minute How to Easily use Twitter to Promote Your Music video tutorial. This clip talks about how you can find fans using Twitter search.

The entire 84 minute video is available online for only $9.99. If you are not 100% satisfied with the tutorial on how to promote your music using Twitter just email us and we will give you a full refund.

After applying the techniques for only one day one of the attendess, @sevenyearriot, had this to say, “Well so far your tactics from Wednesday night have gotten us 10 new followers & improved my Klout score 3 points,”

Here are just a few comments on the material covered in the video.

  • breakopenmgmt – Great webisode on using twitter… stay tuned for their next webisode.
  • SonicSkillz- It rocked the proverbial house; thank you gentlemen.
  • sevenyearriot – Just finished the Music Marketing webinar… and can’t wait to put some of this great new info into practice!
  • otaband  – Thanks for the great Webinar last night! I know it is going to help my band a lot.
  • howtorunaband – I went into it thinking I would already know everything, but you guys schooled me!